About Red Barn Accommodation

Before Red Barn Accommodation, there was “Hillcrest”, the original homestead of the once 125 acre dairy farm. Purchased by Robyn and Martin back in 2004 it has been  lovingly and painstakingly reinvented to be the majestic and serene 5 acre hobby farm it is today.

The original house dates from 1935 and at the time of purchase a myriad of lean-to extensions adjoined the house on 2 sides. Dotting the area adjacent the house was a rambling collection of sheds and outbuildings that supported the workings of a much larger farm along with a myriad of old farm machinery that was left to rot in the surrounding paddocks. The challenge to “restore” and “renovate” was taken on without a second thought. Of even greater challenge was the overgrown garden and dilapidated orchard and vegetable garden.

We started with a master plan, which meant the only structure worth saving was the original 10sq Californian Bungalow. We started demolishing derelict shedding and garden structures, slowly removing all evidence of the sad state that the farm had become. A complete rethink of the location of the orchard, accompanying herb and vegetable garden and poultry pen meant incorporating a permaculture philosophy by combining the ‘Horticultural and Avian’ production and transposing them to the south side of the house. This immediately provided uninterrupted the northern views, allowing the house extension to take full advantage of the picturesque setting of the pasture in the foreground with the remnant vegetation backdrop of Horseshoe Gully in the distance.

Having created the landscape to support the house design we set about renovating and extending in 2008.

A farm cannot exist without a “Shed”, hence the development of Red Barn. It had always been part of the original sketch design from when the property was first purchased, and later evolved during the detail design and revisit of the design in 2014. Due to the proximity of the 2009 fires and revised building regulations a decision was made to remove all timber cladding and use the very versatile product, “Colourbond”. It was at this time that the decision was made not to match the house but reverse the colour scheme and utilise the house roof colour as the shed colour. The vision now was of recreating a North American or Scandanavian barn in an Australian context. We think it has worked a treat.

The vision for the “self contained apartment” came from our love of loft conversions and we saw an opportunity to combine our love of travel and meeting new people and our love of the rolling dairy pastures of West Gippsland. The simplicity of Scananavian design was the inspiration with timber ply-lining to the ceilings and all vertical surfaces in white to create a warm sense of space. With the inclusion of some simple security and in barn parking, Red Barn Loft Accommodation will provide a unique and safe retreat for those wishing to escape the stresses of modern living.